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Please transfer the total amount to the following Zelle account.

Senders Name attached to Bank/Zelle account
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Please keep a screenshot ready in the rare event we cannot locate your transfer.

Company Name: SIT Global
Zelle mail: [email protected]
Purpose: IT Service
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(Important) Transaction amount limits: not more than 1000 usd per single transaction.

(Important) It is very important that you DO NOT MENTION this site or the products you buy.

(Important) NEVER CONTACT the email we gave you to pay for your order, they are for payment purpose ONLY. Your order could be delayed or cancelled if you contact this email. Also, NEVER CONTACT directly ZELLE, for any reason.

(Important) We cannot accept payment from these banks (Fifth Third Bank, First Tennessee Bank), if you send a payment it will get rejected and the bank will issue a refund.

How to Make The Payment?
Go to your online banking app or download Zele app
Send the total amount through the app or online banking
After sending the payment please Submit your payment info.

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